High-class Tango silk crape FUROSHIKI
Yamatoh textile factory outlet
Sorry, We will ship to Japan only.
We can offer high quality silk crepe at reasonable local price,because we are textile factory
30%-50% discount of market price.
Please have one silk crepe FUROSHIKI per one family.
Please also use as present and memorial gifts.
The price of silk crepe FUROSHIKI depends on the weight of the textile.
What color?
Purple, Navy blue, Kincha, Green, Light green and as follows.
Japanese Traditional Colors
There is a little difference between sample color and real one.
Color# Purple Navy blue Kincha(GoldBrown) GreenTetsukon
Color# Rikyu(LiteGreen) Brick JapaneseRed PinkYoungGrass
Flowral Series
There is a little difference between sample color and real one.
Color# Orange Cherry CreamYellow Mouve
Color# BambooGreen JapaneseRed    
What size?
1. 45cm X 48cm
2. 68cm X 72cm
3. 72cm X 75cm
What weight?
Four types are available: Thin, MediumLite (FlowralSeries), Standard and Thick.
What the price?
Please click according to the weight. You can see the details. (Tax included)
width / weight FlowralSeries Standerd Thick
(45cm width)
1,890YEN 2,520YEN 3,150YEN
(68cm width)
3,780YEN 5,040YEN 5,675YEN
(Only green&Navy)
(72cm width)
- - 6,300YEN
What kind of the box for FUROSHIKI?
Simple packing Free
Paperbox 105Yen
High quality
wood box
S size 315Yen "S size box" as for Medium (45cm) width Froshiki
L size 420Yen "L size box" as for the Furoshiki of Double width and Thin Double width and Medium width can enclose by the set.
XL size 840Yen "XL size box" as for the Furoshiki of medium width and double width or Froshiki of medium width and widedouble width can enclose by the set.
How to order?
If you want to order ,please write down color,width,weight,number,kind of box,destination address,name and phone number by e-mail.
The way to deliver?
We try to deliver our product to you by mail or parcel within one week.
The way to pay?
Payment can be processed through the postal transfer form within one week. You do not have to pay a commission fee. Goods can be refunded within one week after the delivery.
Price, color , weight and width can be negotiated.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask ....
CEO : Tohzoh YAMAZOE   Phone : 81-(0)772-46-2031  Telefax : 81-(0)772-46-4394
Yumiki 493, Yosano-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto. 629-2263 Japan
mail to : yamatou@furoshiki.jp
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