We are working hard
Workers supporting the traditional industry
factry mannager Mr.Shirasu
I work here for 40 years.Ask me anything about the production process of silk crepe.
I do my best to make silk crepe.
I know everything inside the factory.
I put the grue on threat,manage the machine,and do everything.
I mainly do a job of warping.
I am a expert of twisting because of 30 year experience.But I have a lot of things to learn.
I handle the threads by my beautiful hand like a whitebait.
I've combined thread with glue for 20 years.My children have grown up.
Weaving for 25 years. My hobby is volleyball. I am still young.
I did various jobs,but I settled the job of weaving which originated here.I can do anything of weaving.
Weaving is very hard!
I'm weaving at home.
From 8 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock in the evening.I am weaving the threads which is delivered from YAMATOH.After that I deliver goods to YAMATOH. 50 years has passed.My children and grand children has grown up.My son's wife now help us.
As long as Tango prospers for silk crepe,I have to work hard.
30 year experience as Debataya(weaving at home), I am working with my wife.
My beautiful wife is weaving at home.Looking back of parents who are weaving,my children are independent.
Finally I am Mrs.Yamazoe
The work in a factory was done briefly. Now, it is concerned with the last fushitori (check work of silk crape), and office work and all in connection with the Internet sale so that it may not become obstructive. I want more to tell you beauty of silk crape.
Then, and foppish Mrs. Shinotake who has polite packing carried out wants further to introduce. It has said, "While thinking whether it is beautiful, it is stroking." And end sewing of a Froshiki is always smiling, and is neat Mrs. Tanaka. "if the silk is touched, energy will come out" -- I think that this words is the wise saying which remains in the history of the Tango silk crape.
Furoshiki of Yamatoh textile factory arrives to you, supporting to such worker and others.
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