Get to know Tango silk crepe

What is Tango silk crepe?
Furoshiki Tango silk crepe, called 'Tango chirimen' , is great white cloth which has a unique characteristic, 'Shibo'.

Tango chirimen  is produced in Tango peninsula in Northern Kyoto Prefecture.
What is Shibo?
shibo Shibo is fabric texture.
How is Shibo made?
Firstly, the woof is woven into various twisted threads.Secondly,make them thinner by purifying them.Thirdly when we twist them back,there will be unevenness because of the twist.This is Shibo which is the life of silk crepe.
The Qualities of  T chirimen
The shibo technique produces a texture that coud be compared to a lightly rippled surface of water. Furthermore, the texture reflects light in a similer way to such a surface!
Tchirimenshimmers athrough a  a lovely interplay between  light and shadow.
It is soft - as if it were filled with air.
Tchirimen radiates colors far more than other types of fabric.These colors also exhibit great richness.
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