For those who want to check inside
when you want to give a present to your important person.

Please check inside
carefully after opening mapping.We will not seal it.
For those who say "I want to have my own original FUROSHIKI".

We put your name on FUROSHIKI.
Let us now the name your want.
We charge you 300 yen for name.
Some people pointed out the sharply problem.
That's right.
A weaving shop has a things awkward to handle.
It is a flaw which is difficult to recognise.
However,for those who say "I don't mind it because
I will use it for myself".

We offer 20% discount.
Please write down "B" by e-mail.
Also we receive a question "Refund or Exchange is OK?"
Off couse,we can.
Please ask us within one week.
At last...
We,YAMATOH Textile Factory
will improve our technology which has been inherited for a long time
and we would like to continue weaving the most beautiful silk crepe in
Japan as a peddler of the traditional industry.

Weaving sound echoes in a small town near Amanohashidate
in northern Kyoto and they continue to weave the thread one by one.

We look forward to hearing from you.
All the staff of YAMATOH Textile Factory
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