Introduction of FUROSHIKI with your name
Sorry, Will ship to Japan only.
FUROSHIKI with your name is popular for a memorial and a wedding gift.
When late blossomes are in bloom in Tango.
A Japanese witch hazel dyes the roadside,yellow,
Japanese quince is in bloom and
a spirea lowers its head,
Spring comes to Tango.
One year and half have passed since YAMATOH homepage was established.
Now when we look back,it is FUROSHIKI with name
that people use at some important points as a present.
We recommend that you should present your important person a FUROSHIKI
with name which is smart and rare.

to use a high quality thing in life time
to use FUROSHIKI casually
to use the thing which is your own original
Such a thing is in boom now
Now YAMATOH can receive an order of FUROSHIKI with name.
It takes from two week to three weeks to deliver
because we will make a pattern of your name first.

When you order 1 to 4 , it costs 1050 yen.
When you order 5to 9, it costs 525 yen.
When you order more than 10, it costs only 315 yen!
(Tax included)

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Of course we consider that the taste of wrapping is very important element.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about it.
YAMATOH Textile Company
Gift is of cource FUROSHIKI! YAMATOH Textile Company
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